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Job Category
Human Resources
Job Type
Engineer / Admin
Employment Type
Aug 03, 2023
Job Responsibilities
Roles and Responsibilities
1. Develop training plan/program based on business needs in Tainan site
2. Accountable for 

(1) Training program execution(Newcomer / Engineer / Manager training)  
(2) Fab training & development projects 
(3) Internal instructor projects in Tainan site

3. Coordinate external training program application
4. Execute other assigned projects
5. Work location: Tainan site
Job Qualifications
Required Requirements
1. Strong facilitation and interpersonal skills
2. Solid project management and problem-solving skills
3. Proficient in Microsoft Office software, e.g., Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
4. Fluent in written and spoken English
5. Flexible, logical thinking, responsible, a quick learner, and a team player with high AQ 

Other Requirements

1. Major in HR, Business, Psychology, or related fields
2. Multitasking: able to manage complex and dynamic demands
3. Initiative and go for extra miles & better results
4. 0–5 year of experience in HR field
5. Proven track record of project management from inception to completion