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Job Category
Information Technology
Job Type
Engineer / Admin
Employment Type
Aug 03, 2023
Job Responsibilities
The Role 

Software Engineer, Backend Development at TSMC IT focus on designing the most flexible, scalable backend architecture with optimized performance to support TSMC world-class manufacture, engineering and business systems. The ideal candidate has a highly technical multi-discipline engineering skillset that can push the limits of complex system design at large scale.

1. Implement the features and services of backend for TSMC software products
2. Develop state-of-the-art code
3. Continue to refactor existing applications
4. Contribute to write tests to ensure software quality
5. Apply software design principles to ensure software quality
6. Ensure sustainability and performance of software applications
7. Willing to learn new IT technologies
Job Qualifications
1. Bachelor's/Master's degree or above and major in Computer Science, Information engineering, Industry Engineering, Statistics or Mathematic related fields, similar technical fields of study or equivalent practical experience.
2. Strong technical skills in one or more of the following fields: C++,C#, JAVA, Python, Database or System infrastructure architect.
3. Have solid foundation of either one of backend framework: Spring/Spring Boot, .NET Core/ASP.NET Core, Django/Flask.
4. Familiar with software engineering practices: CI, CD, DDD or TDD.
5. Experience managing container-based workloads, using Kubernetes or other orchestration software.
6. Familiarity with developing APIs with the care they deserve (e.g. gRPC/REST with OpenAPI/Swagger , GraphQL)
7. With experience with scrum or devops practice is a plus.
8. With AI domain experience is a plus.
9. Familiar with source code version control tools : Git