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IC 設計技術
Job Description:
Electrical RC and Electromagnetic tool related work
1. Work with TCAD, device and model team to simulate electrical phenomenon by 3D Quasi-Static field solvers or 3D Full-Wave Electromagnetic (EM) field solvers to come out device parasitic RC, interconnect parasitic RCLK (R: resistance, C: capacitance, L: self-inductance, K: mutual-inductance) network or passive device S-parameter/sub-circuit models for digital transient and high speed/frequency circuit simulations.
2. Collaborate with EDA partners to enable required features and target accuracy for RC extraction tools.
3. Develop RC collaterals to meet customers’ tape-out requirements.
4. Analyze RC accuracy issues, perform process and performance impact analysis, and provide novel and effective solutions.

RC software related work

1. RC extraction utility development from LVS database handling, pattern matching to final RC netlist.
2. Define software architecture, specification, algorithms, and functions for future extensions on novel device structures.
3. Software pseudocode and final coding development and maintenance.
4. Interface definition and development among TSMC RC utility and EDA RC tools.
5. Build regression and QA system.
Job Requirements:
1. Master's degree or a Ph.D. in Computer Science or Electrical Engineer related to parasitic RC extraction, e.g., StarRC/QRC/xACT, QuickCap/QRCFS, or HFSS/EMX/PeakView, with solid background in CAD tool development, RCLK model development, RCLK application engineering, or CAD flow development.
2. Have scripting/programming skills in C-SHELL, Perl, and C++.
3. Very strong software experience but with less RCLK experience is also welcome.

Personal Attributes:

1. Aggressive, self-motivated, and passionate in learning and problem solving.
2. Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.
3. Understand and honor teamwork values.