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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd. (TSMC) is committed to upholding the employment rights of accessibility individuals. In accordance with Taiwan Disability Rights Protection Act, we have established a dedicated recruitment section for those with a disability certificate and warmly welcome them to join TSMC.

About Corporate Planning Organization:

1. We ensure customers’ demands are well satisfied in the rapid market, win customer trust, enhance operation efficiency and reach profit maximization.
2.  We drive business effectiveness to bring world changing innovation into reality.
3. Our resources, production and demand planning, pricing, and system integration team develop flexible planning and provide quick responsiveness to coordinate needs between factories and customers.
4. We look for talents: IE, Business, or Semiconductor Industry Experiences; Logical thinking and communication skills; Learning agility; Business acumen.
Following is detailed job description:

【Account PC Planner】

1. Provide delivery schedule and logistic services to key customer.
2. Coordinate the internal planning team including planning team and Back-end for delivery.
3. Manage logistic service related projects and Hub.

【Fab Production Control Planner】

1. 300mm fabs’ Production planning: Capacity support and customer demand fulfillment.
2. Fab operation management: NTO pilots and priority lots management, production delivery management, CT management and key bottleneck tool performance monitor.
3. Operation KPI monitor and achievement.

【IE Engineer】

1. Long-term capacity planning and management.
2. Long-term Capital investment planning and control.
3. Cost evaluation and management.
1. A valid Taiwan disability certificate.
2. Good business sense and communication skills.
3. Mindful working attitude with high working quality.
4. Familiar with TSMC/ Semiconductor Fab/ Back-end operation process is a plus.
5. Knowledge of ESCM is a plus.