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1. Planner

(1) Demand forecast and supply planning to ensure requirements fulfilled.
(2) Supplier management to ensure reliable delivery and replenishment.
(3) Usage and qualification management to ensure efficient supply chain operation.
(4) Lead/coordinate cross functional enhancement project(s) for supply chain excellence.

2. Material Buyer

(1) Manage suppliers' relationships and their quality, cost, delivery, service and sustainability toward reliable and cost effective supply chain.
(2) Develop procurement strategies and enhance/execute collaborations with suppliers and TSMC's RD/Operations.
(3) Lead projects related to TSMC's supply chain excellence.

3. Parts Buyer

(1) Procurement system improvement and development to enhance the productivity and efficiency during sourcing to payment.
(2) System development and analysis of parts data-master to find out the opportunities of cost reduction.
(3) Parts related procurement and purchase order management.
(4) Procurement methodology development and process improvement.
(5) Vendor and supply chain management.

4. Global Equipment Sourcing & Purchasing Engineer

(1) Purchase equipment, parts and services that aligned with production rates. Develops and manage worldwide suppliers’ partnership with leading sourcing, procurement.
(2) Develop and manage commodity strategies and tactical plans; recommend changes in purchasing and material management policies as needed.
(3) Deliver YOY cost reduction projects, supplier consolidation, and contract negotiations.
(4) Lead project related to TSMC supply chain excellence.

5. Supply Chain Logistic Management Engineer

Your main responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

(1) Lead cross-functional members to achieve supply chain excellence.
(2) Initiate and implement continuous logistics and warehouse process improvement project/task.

(3) Study and introduce leading-edge logistics/warehouse automation, including hardware and software(e.g., ASRS, AGV, Robot, B2B data flow, and RPA).

(4) Lead teammates and collaborate with suppliers to achieve supply chain excellence in materials preparation.
(5) Conduct training program to cultivate SCM logistics specialist.

6. Resource Recovery Management Engineer

Your main responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

(1) Initiate and implement waste management improvement project/task.
(2) Lead cross-functional members to conduct waste reduction.
(3) Familiar with waste management rule and law to survey and audit waste disposal vendors.
(4) Conduct waste operation in waste transfer, waste disposal and industrial waste disposal plan application(廢清書申請).

7. Global Logistics Management Engineer

Your main responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

(1) Communicates effectively and positively with clients, colleagues, and vendors.
(2) Prepare and process related activities as required for the Customs Clearance of import and export shipments.
(3) Compile, verify accuracy, to deal with shipments and Customs declaration with solid experience.
(4) Supervises transportation and logistics solution services and activities.
(5) Manage compliance requirements, such as to handle Customs auditing, comply with Trade Law.
(6) Develop and implement logistics solutions to ensure delivery target is fulfilled.
(7) Manage the KPI of Logistics Service Providers.
(8) Review and handle logistics related payment operations.
(9) Conduct digital transformation and continuous improvements for logistics model excellence.
(10) Develop global logistics network and local regulation compliance solutions.

8. Green/Responsible Supply Chain Management Engineer

Your main responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

(1) Work with cross-functional members to achieve supply chain excellence (especially ESG aspect).
(2) Initiate and implement green/responsible supply chain management improvement project/task.
(3) Manage key supplier's emission and facilitate suppliers to develop emission reduction initiatives.
(4) Conduct training program to TSMC's key suppliers.
(5) Support various reporting structures and sustainability index, including GRI, TCFD, EP&L, DJSI, CDP etc.
(6) Provide analysis and other support for key strategic and compliance projects related to environmental data, metrics, and inventories.
1. Master's degree major in engineering/business related fields.
2. Good business sense and logical thinking.
3. Good communication and project coordination skills.
4. Fluent in English, with experience in related field.