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Job Category
Job Type
Engineer / Admin
Employment Type
Jun 27, 2023
Job Responsibilities
1. Simulation fundamentals: Develop simulation toolkits from theoretical papers.
2. Analyze data and find the root cause of the difference between theory and real data.
3. Cross-team coordination and collaboration.

1. 藉由參閱理論文獻以開發出模擬軟體的工具 
2. 分析數據並找出理論和實驗數據差異的原因 
3. 跨團隊合作協調

Job Qualifications
1. Background: Master’s or PhD Degree of Solid State Physics (Not specific on physics major). Satisfy one of the following requirements (either A or B): 

A. Have experience in developing a physics-related simulation toolkit from scratch 
B. Strong logical ability, high learning agility, and the ability to implement theoretical formula into programming

2. Programming requirement: 

A. Must-to-have: Python and Linux 
B. Nice-to-have: C/C++/CUDA

3. Personality: 

A. Passionate about work and positive thinking 
B. Able to communicate and collaborate with colleagues 
C. Proactive. Enjoy reading papers and exploring new topics based on the latest developments in the field of interest

1. 背景: 固態物理專業(科系不限於物理系)的碩博士生,並滿足下列條件之一:

A. 具備從零開始寫程式建構出物理相關模擬軟體或模組的經驗
B. 邏輯性強、學習力高、具備把理論公式實際應用到編程的能力

2. 程式相關的需求:

A. 必備能力: python/Linux 環境
B. 加分能力: C/C++/CUDA

3. 個性:

A. 對工作有熱忱、正向思考
B. 能和同事間溝通合作
C. 自動自發、喜歡閱讀相關領域的前瞻文獻,以便掌握學術時局動向,進而拓展新的應用領域