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Job Category
Human Resources
Job Type
Associate Engineer / Admin
Employment Type
Aug 03, 2023
Job Responsibilities
1. Facilitate training through training administration affairs, including training. preparation, execution, and through LMS(learning management system) to finish training process.
2. Responsible for employees’ external training and part-time study application.
3. Learning center daily management and operations.
4. Training projects ad-hoc support.
5. Salary: NT$31,500+/month.
Job Qualifications
Personal Attributes
1. Detail-oriented.
2. Learning agility, flexible, accountable, and teamwork.
3. Embrace multitasking and deliver quality work Other Requirements.
4. Bachelor’s degree or above and major in Human Resource, Education, Psychology, Business Administration, or other related fields.
5. Good at (both verbal and written) communication and problem-solving skills.
6. Proficient in Microsoft Office(Excel/PowerPoint/Word).
7. 2 years of working experiences is a plus.
8. Familiar with Digital Tool application or Graphic Design is a plus.