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Job Category
IC Design Technology
Job Type
Engineer / Admin
Employment Type
Aug 03, 2023
Job Responsibilities
Introduction to our division, System and Chip Design Solutions Development Division
We are digital implementation team inside TSMC. Our mission is to integrate latest process technology with most updated commercial design content (CPU, GPU, DSP, etc.) to demonstrate expected performance, power, and area (PPA) improvement. Our results and developed flows are references for worldwide 1sttier design houses.

Job scope covered by our division:

1. Technology related benchmark & design methodology development
To understand PPA of TSMC’s new technology and explore possible applications, benchmark activities are conducted. And upon results, technology refinement opportunity to achieve “Design-Technology Co-Design” (DTCO) concept would be explored and tested. Through these benchmark activities, we are also in charge of developing design methodology needed for new process technology.

2. System design & yield learning
Our division has the only system design team in TSMC. System-level architectures of all test chips in TSMC are developed and defined by our division. Additionally, we have dedicated team for “design-for-test” and “design-for-diagnosis” methodology. This is to ensure defects of test chips can be well detected, located, and analyzed. Related results are critical for yield learning and enhancement for TSMC.

3. Test chip implementation & flow issue solving
To have design flow (from RTL to GDS) for latest technology truly verified and pipe-cleaned based on product-like design content and spec., real test chip implementation is needed for TSMC. This is also critical for yield learning and improvement. Implementation of such test chip is one of division’s major charter. Comparing to other test chip implementation teams in TSMC, test chips owned by us is most “product-like”. This is to trigger issues that are design and spec. dependent. During implementation stages, we need to analyze and solve these issues so that when customers are using related technology, solutions are well prepared.

4. Support to 1st-tier customers for adopting TSMC’s advanced technology
When customers are adopting TSMS’s new technologies, they would encounter technical issues not experienced before. Support from TSMC is highly expected to ensure on-schedule project execution. In TSMC, our division is the only team that have experience on integrating latest technology and product-level design content. Thus, we are responsible for providing such services in forms of technical consultant, on-site case debugging, or utility development.

Organization of our division & recruiting departments:

1. Our division, SCDSD, is under Design and Technology Platform (DTP). SCDSD currently have ~150 members distributed in offices at Hsinchu (Taiwan), San Jose (U. S.), and Nanjing (China). Yokohama office is now under planning. Our division work like a mini design house covering all design stages from systemlevel definition to GDS tape-out. Thus, all design stages for digital implementation are covered. (ex: system design, RTL coding, synthesis, DFT, MBIST, verification, PG network design, floorplan, place, CTS, route, timing analysis, power analysis, physical verification, CAD support, etc.)

2.For this job position, we are recruiting talents for below three departments on Hsinchu site. Below are brief introductions to job scopes of these three departments.

Test Chip Development Department:

1. FE implementation and related flow development, covering stages of system-level design, RTL coding, verification, DFT, MBIST, and synthesis.
2. Architecture & methodology development for “design-for-test (DFT)” and “design-for-diagnosis”, focusing on yield learning purpose.
3. Architecture & methodology development for silicon correlation.

Test Chip Physical Design Department:

1. BE implementation and related flow development, covering stages of chip-level planning, PG network design, floorplan, place, CTS, route, power analysis (PDNA sign-off), and physical verification.
2. Design methodology and related CAD utility development for BE implementation, especially for solving issues triggered by new technology. Additionally, we also develop utilities for customer support purpose.
3. Technology benchmark to understand PPA of new technologies.

Chip Implementation CAD:

1. Flow development for RC extraction, timing analysis, and timing fixing
2. CAD platform development for design stage integration, design kits management, and design DB management
3. CAD/EDA development in general for solving all kinds of design issues
Job Qualifications
Expected expertise or technical skills expected:
1. Digital implementation concept in general. Familiar w/i. at least one of below design stages for digital implementation
2. System design, RTL coding, synthesis, DFT, MBIST, verification, PG network design, floorplan, place, CTS, route, timing analysis, power analysis, and physical verification
3. Linux operation capability

Scripting and/or programming skill:

1. Knowledge to EDArelated algorithm is nice to have but not necessary