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Job Category
Manufacturing (fabs)
Job Type
Employment Type
Jul 14, 2023
Job Responsibilities

Leverage the opportunities and uncertainties associated with an organization’s goals and objectives. This includes implementing, developing or leading the risk management practices that enable an organization to make risk-effective decisions that create and sustain value. 

What Risk Management Division covers in TSMC: 

1. Responsible for the leadership, innovation, culture, governance, and management necessary to identify, evaluate, mitigate, and monitor the company's operational and strategic risks. 
2. Develop and enhance Enterprise Risk Management tools, practices, and policies to analyze and report enterprise risks, in accordance to enterprise risk management framework. 
3. Ensure the organization's risk management policies and strategies are in compliance with applicable regulations, rating agency standards, leading standards and strategic imperatives of the organization. 
4. Cultivate the culture and raise risk competency through ongoing stakeholder’s engagements and education.
5. Oversee or monitor the effectiveness of risk management system, through ongoing compliance checks and validation exercises.
6. Monitor and analyze risks within the company and reports the risk management status and improvement needed to the executives/management.
7. Support the Board its oversight role in assessing the robustness of risk management system.
8. Lead or provide key inputs into the company's enterprise risk or other committees that oversees the enterprise risk management process and ensures alignment with organizational objectives.
9. This position will also have responsibilities in Insurance and Risk Management and Business Continuity Management including emergency.

Essential Functions of this position:

1. Identify and characterize enterprise-level potential risks, assessing vulnerability of critical business operations and key assets to specific risks with an appreciation of the broad issues including information technology/ cyber security, business continuity, supply-chain management, insurance, and risk management.
2. Develop appropriate risk management policies, guidance, and plans that comply with regulatory and statutory guidelines, rules, and standards.
3. Review and analyze data and devise risk minimization programs by performing risk analysis and modelling to assess probability of specific risks occurring and evaluate/value the impact/consequences of occurrence.
4. Facilitate workshops and discussions with different level and functional stakeholders, to promote buy-in and commitment.
5. Play a key role in supporting the crisis command center in crisis management/disaster management.

Personal Attributes & Abilities:

1. Recognized risk leader, who is a dynamic, proactive and decisive person.
2. Adapt well to and initiate change in the organization.
3. Seek ways to optimize risks in the organization as a competitive business advantage.
4. Required key traits for the individual in this position: highly developed people management and communication skills; team player; change agent; strategic and creative; excellent project management skills; analytical and the ability to drive performance from all areas within the company and adaptable to work in a dynamic environment.
Job Qualifications
1. Major in Engineering or Science is a plus.
2. At least 5 years of risk management related experience in manufacturing industries. 
3. Proficiency and knowledge in ESH (Environmental protection, Safety, Health), IT, and Supply Chain Management are required. 
4. Proficient in Power Business Intelligence, Tableau, Microsoft Visio.
5. Good English language ability.