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Job Category
Quality and Reliability
Job Type
Engineer / Admin
Employment Type
Mar 12, 2024
Job Responsibilities

1. RF load-pull system setup and measurement.

2. RF electrical characterization, reliability data analysis, and physical model study.

3. New methodology development for RF reliability.

4. Customers' reliability questions and issues handling.

Job Qualifications

1. Master or Ph.D. degree, majoring in Electrical Engineering, Physics, or RF related.

2. Familiar with RF device characterization and process.

3. Experiment on switching reliability circuit board.

4. More than 3 years' experience in RF device and reliability.

5. Good electrical test capability on device characterization .

6. Experience with process reliability, e.g., TDDB (Time Dependent Dielectric Breakdown), HCI (Hot Carrier Injection) and BTI (Bias-Temperature Instability).

7. Good communication skill. Teamwork spirit and learning attitude. Good ownership for job assignment.