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Job Category
Accessibility Inclusion
Job Type
Engineer / Admin
Employment Type
Nov 16, 2023
Job Responsibilities
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd. (TSMC) is committed to upholding the employment rights of accessibility individuals. In accordance with Taiwan Disability Rights Protection Act, we have established a dedicated recruitment section for those with a disability certificate and warmly welcome them to join TSMC.

1. Provide module business process re-engineering services for IT project related to achieve development process effectiveness.
2. Provide comprehensive solutions to improve infrastructure and working process effectiveness.
Job Qualifications
1. A valid Taiwan disability certificate.
2. Master's degree majoring in Engineering or Business. 
3. Familiar with business process re-engineering, project management, supply chain management and IT related knowledge will be a plus.
4. Exhibit good and open communication skills, be able to work within cross-functional teams.
5. Fluent in English. 

● 能接受長時間久坐,身體可負荷長時間看電腦 
● 需大量透過當面/電話/電腦打字與他人溝通協商,具備良好的問題解決能力、溝通能力、團隊精神、積極學習態度、英語能力佳