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Job Category
Accessibility Inclusion
Job Type
Engineer / Admin
Employment Type
May 07, 2024
Job Responsibilities
1. Define advanced testing hardware technology architecture.
2. Create world-class method and role model tech structured problem solving.
3. Conduct advanced electrical/mechanical/thermal analysis and PI/SI improvement.
4. Be a focal contact between customer and tsmc testing for test validation and release to production.
5. Exhibit good and open communication skills, be able to work within cross-functional teams. 
Job Qualifications
1. Master's degree or above in Electrical/Electronic engineering.
2. Experience in power management or High speed/RF circuit design including schematic/layout/testing will be a plus.
3. Familiar with measurement equipments and simulation tools (HFSS, SIWave, Designer).
4. Familiar with PCB manufacture process and material knowledge.
5. Knowledge for high speed/frequency waveform (e.g., Eyemask/TDR/S11/S21) and power integrity (e.g., PDN/IR-Drop).
6. A valid Taiwan disability certificate.