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Job Category
IC Design Technology
Job Type
Engineer / Admin
Employment Type
Aug 03, 2023
Job Responsibilities
The principal responsibility of the candidate is to perform complete netlist to GDS physical design steps which include floor plan, APR, timing closure, IR/EM analysis, layout verification, formal verification, and other tape out related tasks. Candidate will work in a talented team to design advanced chips using cutting-edge process nodes while meeting high standard design requirements.
Job Qualifications
1. Bachelor or Master degree in EE or CE with 4+ years’ relevant working experience 
2. Good English speaking and writing capability 
3. Expertise in Cadence Innovus and/or Synopsys ICC2 
4. Experience in block level place and route implementation with multi-voltage & multi-corner designs 
5. In-depth understanding of place and route flow 
6. Knowledge of lower power design 
7. Experience in advanced technology nodes is a plus 
8. Timing closure and power analysis skills 
9. Hands on experiences in layout verification and DRC fixes 10. Good coding skills in TC
10.Good coding skills in TCL
11. Good interpersonal and communication skills 
12. Self-motivated and excellent team spirit