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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited, TSMC
Job Category
Business Development
Job Type
Employment Type
Aug 08, 2023
Job Responsibilities
1. To analyze High Performance Computing (HPC) market dynamics/trends and forecast/model the usage and demand of key electronics ICs
2. To monitor market events and quantify business impact to the company
3. To formulate and propose business strategy to executives
Job Qualifications
1. Sound knowledge and experiences in high-tech industry
2. Skills and experiences in market research and analysis
3. Great analytical skill and logical thinking
4. Strategic and strong business acumen
5. IC and semiconductor process technology knowledge is a plus
6. Active listening and conflict resolution skills
7. Good business writing and presentation skills
8. MS degree with major in Engineering, with MBA a plus or vice versa
9. 5+ years of working experiences (in Server/Networking/AI is a plus)
10. Modelling capability and business sense
11. Fluent in English and Mandarin, both written and spoken