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Job Category
Accessibility Inclusion
Job Type
Engineer / Admin
Employment Type
Nov 16, 2023
Job Responsibilities

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd. (TSMC) is committed to upholding the employment rights of accessibility individuals. In accordance with Taiwan Disability Rights Protection Act, we have established a dedicated recruitment section for those with a disability certificate and warmly welcome them to join TSMC.

1. Operation, maintenance and monitoring of IT systems.
2. Responsible for incident management and internal IT support as a member of the on-call service.
3. Write scripts (Python, PowerShell, Bash, etc.) for IT operation automation (e.g., auto-recovery and ITSR automation).
4. Collaborate with DevOps teams and Infra teams to ensure the reliability of IT systems.
Job Qualifications
1. A valid Taiwan disability certificate.
2. Experience with system monitoring (e.g., Prometheus and Grafana).
3. Familiar with DB/SQL skills.
4. Good communication skills and analytical thinking.
5. Self-motivated, high integrity, and result-oriented.