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Job Category
Finance / Accounting
Job Type
Engineer / Admin
Employment Type
Aug 03, 2023
Job Responsibilities
The candidate will have daily responsibilities including analyzing TSMC and other foundry players' financial performance, business and operating conditions, conducting semiconductor industry analysis in terms of general trend and specific factors that shape TSMC's business, following analysts' views on TSMC, its competitors, and the industry, preparing investors conference presentations, supporting materials and quarterly management reports, understanding and interacting with institutional investors (fund managers and technology analysts) and sell-side semiconductor analysts both in Taiwan and overseas, understanding TSMC shareholder base and nature of its major institutional investors, analyzing TSMC's share price performance, and working on projects deemed useful to enhance the quality of the IR team and to support management decisions.
Job Qualifications
1. MBA Graduate, preferably from top US or UK MBA programs or equivalent.
2. Minimum 4-5 years of experience in finance or accounting related functions.
3. Excellent English (both in writing and in speaking; TOEIC score >850 or equivalent) and Mandarin. Excellent communication skills (sensitive to language and choice of words).
4. Excellent quantitative modeling (work well with numbers), and presentation skills with acute business sense.
5. Skilled in spreadsheet and PowerPoint (highly important).
6. Pleasant and professional demeanors, self-driven, highly disciplined, and positive thinking.