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Job Category
Finance / Accounting
Job Type
Engineer / Admin
Employment Type
May 22, 2024
Job Responsibilities
1. Perform cash management functions and handle banking related activities (e.g. yield enhancement, bank account opening, loan facility application, etc.)
2. Timely manage payments and collections
3. Keep records of cash transactions and conduct bank reconciliation
4. Ensure full compliance on company policies, accounting treatments regarding cash management processes
5. Conduct closing activities (monthly, quarterly and annual) and prepare management reports
6. Conduct planning of cash flows on a timely basis
7. Handle special projects as assigned and collaborate with corresponding teams
8. Monitor and understand short term interest rate market of USD and NTD
Job Qualifications
1. Bachelor degree or above in Accounting, Finance or Statistics
2. 3 years of experience or above in corporate finance or banks
3. Self-motivated with an innately curious personality and a desire to learn
4. Detail-oriented and team-oriented
5. Ability to work independently with accuracy and in a timely manner
6. Strong analytical and problem solving skills
7. Language: 1). Mandarin: native; 2). English: effective communication
8. Good Microsoft Office skills and SAP experience is a plus