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Job Category
Finance / Accounting
Job Type
Engineer / Admin
Employment Type
Jul 07, 2023
Job Responsibilities
Role & Responsibility

The candidate will be placed under Financial Planning Department with responsibilities including various corporate finance related projects (e.g., capital market transactions, valuation, dividend policy, credit rating agency relations, and cash flow and balanced sheet rolling forecast), US compliance (e.g., Form 20-F), and projects deemed necessary to support management decisions.
Job Qualifications
1. MBA Graduate, preferably from top 20 US MBA programs or equivalent.
2. Minimum 3 year experience in banking, prefera bly in Investment Banking arena. Experience in working with Merchan t Bank, Commercial Bank and/or Finance function of other corporations are also acceptable.
3. Excellent English and Mandarin.
4. Excellent interpersonal, modeling and presentation skills.
5. Skilled in MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
6. Capability of getting things done with short turnaround time and satisfactory quality.
7. Strong logical thinking and self-motivation. Team player and quick learner.