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Job Category
Accessibility Inclusion
Job Type
Employment Type
Nov 16, 2023
Job Responsibilities
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd. (TSMC) is committed to upholding the employment rights of accessibility individuals. In accordance with Taiwan Disability Rights Protection Act, we have established a dedicated recruitment section for those with a disability certificate and warmly welcome them to join TSMC.


TSMC IT is actively seeking software & DevOps engineers to build and scale next-generation intelligent manufacturing platforms and products (e.g., Intelligent Manufacturing, Engineering Control, Tool Automation, and AI-based BOTs, etc.).
In addition to software development, your duties involve interacting with various engineering teams and working closely with operations and infrastructure teams. This is a lifetime career opportunity to invent the future and propel TSMC to the next level.

1. Cloud-native micro-service architecture design and implementation
2. Refactor existing monolithic applications to cloud-native architecture
3. Work with SRE to decide SLI (Service Level Indicator)/SLO (Service Level Objective) and monitor these SLIs
4. Design the service monitoring and alerting system to monitor and resolve production service issues
5. Constantly improve automation on service maintenance and operations
6. Task management and product release management
7. Drive a culture of high-quality software development and deployment processes
Lead new IT technology evaluation and adoption
Job Qualifications
1. A valid Taiwan disability certificate
2. Experience in TypeScript/JavaScript, Kotlin, Java, F#, C#, Python, Rust or other relevant programming languages 
3. Familiar with Functional Programming, Object-oriented programming or other programming paradigms is a plus 
4. Familiar with DevOps technical quality control processes, artifacts, and CI/CD toolchain 
5. Experience in container and cloud-native solutions (K8s, Istio, ArgoCD, MongoDB, Redis, etc.) is a plus 
6. Full stack web application development experience and building large-scale software applications is plus 
7. Demonstrate the capability of new technology evaluation and adoption 

Personal Attributes :

1. Highly motivated, critical thinking, and team player