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Job Category
Materials Mgt. & Risk Mgt.
Job Type
Engineer / Admin
Employment Type
Aug 03, 2023
Job Responsibilities
Investigator performs a number of job functions, including: 

1. Information Leakage Case event investigation 
2. Evidence collection 
3. Witness interviews 
4. Report writing 
5. Record keeping 
6. Case briefing for executive level review 
7. Historical case summary, statistic, and analysis 
8. Law Enforcement Liaison 
9. Courtroom testimony
Job Qualifications
1. Integrity:

Always keep “Pursuit of facts”, “Confidentiality”

2.  People skills:

PIP investigators should be able to deal perceptively, empathy, logical thinking, and resolutely with employees who comes from different tech background with various personality.

3. Speaking skills: 

You should feel comfortable speaking with witnesses and suspects. Be prepared to answer questions clearly and concisely.


You should feel comfortable about taking control of a data leakage event and directing investigations and other join force at the scene.

5.Self-control & Obey investigation discipline: 

You must be able to control your emotions as you deal with people suspected of committing data leakage violation. Meanwhile you must to comply with investigation discipline during whole investigation process.
Education, Training & Certification

6.Working experience: 

3 Years above investigation relevant experience(Compliance, Audit, Intelligence could be referred) in law enforcement or private entity.


Graduated diploma is required. (The major for Crime psychology, HR, Intelligence, and ITS is preferred)