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Job Category
Accessibility Inclusion
Job Type
Engineer / Admin
Employment Type
Aug 03, 2023
Job Responsibilities
台灣積體電路製造股份有限公司(台積公司)致力於維護身心障礙者就業權益。依身心障礙者權益保障法, 特別規劃聘僱身障人才專區,歡迎領有身障手冊或證明者加入台積公司!

1. Manage suppliers' relationships and their Quality, Cost, Delivery, Service and Sustainability toward reliable and cost effective supply chain.
2. Develop procurement strategies and enhance/execute collaborations with suppliers and TSMC's RD/Operations.
3. Lead projects related to TSMC’s supply chain excellence.

[Materials Strategic Planner]

1. Ensuring adequate supply of materials necessary for the whole lifecycle from ramp, production to EOL and planning demand forecast and long-term capacity.
2. Identifying supply chain risks and mitigation solutions, and overseeing internal and external execution.
3. Coordinating material regarding capacity and capability to meet production goals and timelines.
4. Managing inventory issues, schedule changes, and cancellations.
5. Evaluating supplier performance and providing allocation suggestions.
6. Driving material continuous improvement projects.
7. Developing green supply chain related ESG projects.
5. Global Logistics Management Specialist.


1. Communicates effectively and positively with clients, colleagues, and vendors.
2. Prepare and process related activities as required for the Customs Clearance of import and export shipments.
3. Compile, verify accuracy, to deal with shipments and Customs declaration with solid experience.
4. Supervises transportation and logistics solution services and activities.
5. Manage compliance requirements, such as to handle Customs auditing, comply with Trade Law.
6. Develop and implement logistics solutions to ensure delivery target is fulfilled.
7. Manage the KPI of Logistics Service Providers.
8. Review and handle logistics related payment operations.


1. Be able to handle stress effectively in a fast-paced environment.
2. Be able to analyze data and use customized software quickly and accurately.
3. Have working experience of cargo tracking and exception handling.
4. Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Transportation, Logistics or equivalent combination of experience and education.
5. Solid computer skills - including Microsoft Office Applications and other Logistics Inventory Systems.

Job Qualifications
1. 須具備台灣有效身心障礙手冊
2. 大學 (含) 以上學歷
3. 積極負責、細心、耐壓性強
4. 身體可負荷長時間操作電腦、長時間電話溝通
5. 具英文聽說讀寫能力