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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited, TSMC
Job Type
Engineer / Admin
Employment Type
Jul 09, 2024
The Job Role:

1. Highly motivated veteran and new talents to join force research and pathfinding in Advanced packaging and system integration technologies for both extending Moore's Law and in post-Moore era.
2. Long prospective career path in semiconductor technologies looking at more Moore's and beyond Moore's Law Eco-industry.
Job Responsibilities
1. Integration engineering for process integration and device/system level modeling, including electrical, thermal, and mechanical modeling.
2. Module engineering in advanced FEOL/MEOL/BEOL wafer process modules, and in advanced system packaging, including wafer level fan-out, interposers, and 3D chip stacking.
3. Silicon photonics expertise in the following areas: optical components design (lens, modulator, detector, waveguide w/ various materials), photonic circuits design (w/ focus on optical communication), and computer system architect (w/ focus on parallel processing and high-speed networking).
Job Qualifications
1. Solid skills with hands-on operation experience.
2. Positions are reserved for those who have strong interest in emerging, exciting and disruptive technologies and for those who enjoys an intellectual-stimulating environment with work-life balance. Engineers and scientists from well-experienced to new in system integration and relevant fields are encouraged to apply.
3. Master's degree or above in Science/Engineering related field with strong motivation to grow in new field.
4. Senior position in system-level pathfinding, innovative heterogeneous system integration, and technology road-mapping.
5. Project/team management experience in a managerial position.