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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited, TSMC
Job Type
Engineer / Admin
Employment Type
Jul 09, 2024
Job Responsibilities
You will be tasked with one or more of the following responsibilities:

1. Development and integration of Factory Automation Systems.
2. Development and integration of Advanced Technology.
3. Development and integration of Office Automation Systems.
4. Development and integration of Cloud Computing, Kubernates or BigData Analytics Systems.
5. Build/Development Scalable Platform for managing container applications.
Job Qualifications
1. Major in IT, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Computer Science or related fields.
2. Familiar with with one or more of the following :
        (1) Development of C/C++ or JAVA Programming.
        (2) Microservices Architecture Pattern, DevOps.
        (3) Web Applications for PC and Mobiles.
        (4) Hadoop, Spark and Parallel Computing.
3. The ones with multiple above skill sets and experience is a plus.
4. Experience in large-scale system integration, cloud computing, social networking for factory automation is a plus.
5. Self-motivated, integrity, and result-oriented personality.