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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited, TSMC
Job Type
Engineer / Admin
Employment Type
Jul 09, 2024
Job Responsibilities
At the beginning of new module research, IC design engineers and R&D engineers would closely cooperate with customers.

Once the new module technologies are developed, we could accomplish the goal of massive production and have customers’ new product launch in a short time. At TSMC, you will have the opportunity to work with the most advanced module technologies, provide solutions to partners in the global IC design ecosystem, and ensure competitiveness in power, performance, and area.

1. Physical Designer

The principal responsibility of the candidate is to perform complete netlist to GDS physical design steps which include floor plan, PNR, timing closure, IR/EM analysis, layout verification, formal verification, and other tape out related tasks. The candidate will work in a talented team to design advanced chips using cutting-edge process nodes while meeting high standard design requirements.

2. Standard Cell Engineer

(1) Pathfinding of library characterization for leading edge tech nodes.
(2) Support industrial standard library kits generation and QC.
(3) In-house library generation flow and/or utility development.
(4) RC parasitic extraction analysis and APR related analysis.

3. Layout Engineer

(1) IC layout for advanced technology (Std. cell/Memory/AMS/IO).
(2) Layout structure development for new technology.
(3) Pathfinding for new technology development.
(4) Customer engagement and layout support.
(5) Design and technology co-optimization (DTCO).
(6) AI and automation for layout and physical design.

4. System and Chip Design Solutions Development

5. FE design & DFT

(1) Test chips development for advanced nodes, including physical design (APR), logic synthesis and DFT (Scan insertion + ATPG).
(2) Design flow development for test chips design, which requires the programming skills, Tcl, Python, C-shell scripting etc.
(3) Technology benchmarking for PPA evaluation of the advanced nodes.
(4) DTCO (Design & Technology Co-Optimization) pathfinding and development.

6. SRAM Engineer

(1) SRAM design in advanced nodes for mobile, high-performance computing, IoT, automotive applications.
(2) RRAM/MRAM, emerging memory development.
(3) In memory computing research and development.

7. Design Flow/Methodology

(1) Advanced technology process design kits (PDK) and tech files (DRC, LVS, RC, etc.) development and technical support.
(2) Advanced technology design development flow development and technical support.
(3) Automation program development to support design kits and flow development productivity/quality.
Job Qualifications
1. Master's degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering.
2. Strong proficiency in speaking and writing English.
3. Thorough understanding of place and route flow.
4. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
5. Self-motivated and possess excellent team spirit.