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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited, TSMC
Job Type
Engineer / Admin
Employment Type
Jul 09, 2024
Job Responsibilities
About Corporate Planning Organization:

1. We ensure customers' demands are well satisfied in the rapid market, win customer trust, enhance operation efficiency and reach profit maximization.
2. We drive for business effectiveness to bring world changing innovation into reality.
3. Our resources, production and demand planning, pricing, and system integration team develop flexible planning and provide quick responsiveness to coordinate needs between factories and customers.
4. We seek individuals who meet the following criteria: 

(1) Possess experience in Business, Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, Information Systems, Information Science, or Semiconductor Industry. 
(2) Have skills in logic thinking and communication, learning agility, and business acumen.

Following is detailed job description:

1. Account PC Planner

(1) Provide delivery schedule and logistic services to key customer.
(2) Coordinate the internal planning team including planning team and Backend for delivery.
(3) Manage logistic service related projects and Hub.

2. Fab Production Control Planner

(1) Production control relative systems initiate/ analyze.
(2) Production control relative data maintenance.
(3) Project management.
(4) Mask CLIP setting and delivery management.
(5) Co-work with EBO/FPC/APC/Fab for mask support plan.

3. Fab Rationalization Engineer

(1) Demand to supply rationalization, maximize capacity utilization.
(2) Analyze product and new tape out portfolio for fab utilization effectiveness.
(3) Provide FR proposal to optimize fab loading and customer's requirement.
(4) Synergize demand planning and fab rationalization to maximize fab operational effectiveness and demand support.

4. Operation Resources Planning Engineer

(1) Capacity planning and management.
(2) Productivity improvement.
(3) Capital investment evaluation and control.
(4) Fab space layout planning.

5. Pricing Process & Sys. Analyst

(1)  Analyze business & user needs and develop business rules & system functional requirements to enable end-to-end pricing system solution.
(2) Support the rollout and implementation of pricing initiatives, incl. business process and system solutions to facilitate adoption and compliance.
(3) Work with relevant parties to identify improvement opportunities to boost the productivity and efficiency of pricing activities.
(4) Others: Support data analysis for pricing decision making; coordinate CSA activities, etc.

6. Data Engineer

(1) Strong working knowledge of Python (with Jupyter, PyCharm, or similar environment), GitHub, and Markdown.
(2) Experience in connecting to REST API endpoints, particularly in parsing data in JSON and XML formats.
(3) Experience in developing web crawlers to collect data from web pages using tools such as Scrapy and BeautifulSoup.
(4) Strong working knowledge of relational data management, including extracting, transforming, loading, and querying from MySQL databases.
(5) Knowledge of server-based front-end/UI technologies, including HTML, CSS, and PHP.

7. Data Scientist

(1) Excellent knowledge of Python (with Jupyter, PyCharm, or similar environment), GitHub, and Markdown.
(2) Extensive experience with data wrangling, data pre-processing (e.g., de-duplication, imputation), and data extraction from structured and unstructured (e.g., social media) data sources with tools such as Pandas or SideTable.
(3) Experience in developing classical machine learning (supervised or unsupervised) algorithm pipelines, including data annotation, feature extraction/weighting, model selection and tuning, and model evaluation using tools such as scikit-learn.
(4) Strong knowledge of fundamental statistical principles, including basic knowledge of probability, probability distributions, relationships between variables, hypothesis testing, and statistical significance.
(5) Experience with executing network science, including network construction, centrality measures, and community detection using packages such as networkX or iGraph.
(6) Experience with text analytics (e.g., named entity recognition, parts of speech tagging, parsing, coreference resolution, topic modelling, sentiment analysis) and text graphs using packages (e.g., NLTK, Spacy, or Gensim).
(7) Fundamental and hands-on implementation knowledge of deep learning, including constructing data encodings (graph, tree, grid, sequence), basic processing units (e.g., ANN, RNN, CNN, GNN), model extensions (e.g., attention mechanisms, highway), learning paradigms (supervised, unsupervised, adversarial), and learning strategy and implementation (optimization, regularization, gradient descent, dropout) using packages such as Keras, PyTorch, or TensorFlow.
(8) Front-end/UI development and deployment using serverless technologies such as Streamlit and Netlify is a plus.

8. Corporate Planning Associate

TSMC Corporate Planning Organization (CPO) plays a strategic role in TSMC's growth. We develop global planning and provide quick responsiveness to coordinate needs between factories and customers, driving for business effectiveness to bring world-changing innovation into reality. 

CPO is looking for Corporate Planning Associates. As an Associate, you will be rotated to a variety of roles in the 1st year to gain broad exposure to TSMC CPO. The rotation may cover several of following roles, operation resources planning, production planning, business operations, corporate pricing, advanced package supply chain solution, integrated & intelligent planning, and strategic platform intelligence. 

After successfully completing the rotation program, you will be placed in a role that matches your interests as well as to fulfill business needs.

More CPO Associate Program Brochure, please refer to this link:
Job Qualifications
1. Good business sense and communication skill.
2. Mindful working attitude with high working quality.
3. Familiar with TSMC/ Semiconductor Fab/ Back-end operation process is a plus.
4. Knowledge of ESCM is a plus.