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Choose TSMC for infinite possibilities. Here in TSMC, you can see colleagues working determinedly to advance technology leadership, manufacturing excellence, and customer trust. If you join us, you will be able to cooperate with these experts and fulfill your potential through a comprehensive learning development program. You will also have the chance to receive better payment while exploring the richness of our culture and enjoying the best balance between work and life.


Welcome to submit your resume to apply for the following job openings of the 2024 Campus Recruitment, qualified candidates will have the opportunity for priority interviews. Don't miss out!


If you are interested in the "TSMC Campus Recruitment Online Briefing Session" event, we will hold three online briefing sessions (3/22, 3/29, 4/2), with online registration. 

Registration link: click here (TSMC recruitment team will review and send e-mail notification. You can register for different sessions repeatedly).

Please fill out the registration form on the event system to grasp TSMC trends, organizational overview, and job hunting tips!


採線上預約報名,報名連結:請點我 (報名成功通知,將由台積電招募團隊審核後,系統會進行e-mail通知,可重複報名不同場次聆聽)



▋世界上的每一個夢,都由我們來圓夢 Unleash Innovation. Amplify Potential.

2024 TSMC 校園熱門職缺 Campus Recruitment Job : 

R&D (研究與發展組織專區)

    1-1 【2024 Campus Recruitment】TSMC R&D Engineer

    1-2 【2024 Campus Recruitment】TSMC DTP Engineer

    1-3 【2024 Campus Recruitment】TSMC MtM RD Engineer

    1-4 【2024 Campus Recruitment】TSMC IIP Engineer

    1-5 【2024 Campus Recruitment】TSMC Pathfinding for System Integration Engineer

Operations (營運組織專區)

    2-1 【2024 Campus Recruitment】TSMC Process Integration Engineer

    2-2 【2024 Campus Recruitment】TSMC Process Engineer

    2-3 【2024 Campus Recruitment】TSMC Equipment Engineer

    2-4 【2023 Campus Recruitment】TSMC Intelligent Manufacturing Engineer

    2-5 【2024 Campus Recruitment】TSMC Facility Engineer

    2-6 【2024 Campus Recruitment】TSMC Product Engineer

    2-7 【2024 Campus Recruitment】TSMC Advanced Packaging & Testing Engineer

    2-8 【2024 Campus Recruitment】TSMC Module Associate Engineer

 2-9【2024 Campus Recruitment】TSMC Technician

Strategy & Supporting (策略暨支援組織專區)

    3-1 【2024 Campus Recruitment】TSMC IT Engineer

    3-2 【2024 Campus Recruitment】TSMC Quality & Reliability Engineer

    3-3 【2024 Campus Recruitment】TSMC Corporate Planning Organization

    3-4 【2024 Campus Recruitment】TSMC Materials Management & Risk Management Engineer

    3-5 【2024 Campus Recruitment】TSMC Human Resources Specialist

    3-6 【2024 Campus Recruitment】TSMC Finance & Accounting Specialist



【履歷填寫重點提醒 Notes】

1.Please prioritize completing the "Graduation School, major, and graduation year" sections when submitting your resume. You can continue to update the content before receiving an interview invitation after the system data has been submitted.

2. Please click “Apply” and provide detailed resume information, including your education level, profession (with keywords that best describe your domain expertise) and autobiography, etc. If you are not a foreigner, please fill out the form (except for the keywords) in Mandarin.

3. Please make sure that the total work counts of your autobiography and keywords (domain description) are within a maximum of 1,000 characters respectively to prevent technical issues.

● 投遞履歷,請務必優先填寫完成:「畢業學校、科系、畢業年份」,系統資料送出後,收到面試邀請前,內文可以持續更新

● 務必詳細填寫履歷資料,包含學歷、專業關鍵字與自傳等資訊,若您非外籍人士,除專業關鍵字外,其他欄位請以全中文填寫。

● 自傳與專業關鍵字欄位有字數限制 (1000字),請確認填寫字數,以免造成網頁無法成功送出。

● 若履歷欄位型式為下拉式選單,請勿自行輸入資料,以免資料無法正確送出。

For more information about the 2024 campus recruitment activities, please search TSMC FB fan page @加入台積 共創奇蹟

● 更多2024校園徵才招募活動資訊,請密切關注台積電FB粉絲專頁 @加入台積 共創奇蹟