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We are looking for a highly motivated and critical-thinking site reliability engineer to join our Infrastructure & Communication Services Division. The ideal candidate should have exposure to systems in both staging and production and all technical teams. This position requires software development, support, IT operations, and on-call duties experience. 

1. Develop state-of-the-art applications
2. Continue to refactor existing applications
3. Transform repeatable tasks into automation tools
4. Contribute to writing tests to ensure software quality
5. Apply software design principles to ensure software quality
6. Ensure sustainability and performance of applications
7. Collaborate with peers in design and code reviews
8. Willing to learn new IT technologies
Required Qualifications:
1.BS degree or above in Computer Science, Information engineering, similar technical field of study, or equivalent practical experience.
2.At least three years of experience supporting scalable service environments.
3.Out of the box thinker - always seeking a better way to improve performance.
4.Good at algorithms and data structures.
5.Good at any listed programming languages or tools: Python, GO, JavaScript, Ansible, Terraform.
6.Good communication and interpersonal skills with proactive problem-solving capability.
7.Possess strong knowledge of major operating systems, such as Linux, and their administration.
8.Demonstrate best practices in software development to create tools for infrastructure/operation management and automation.
9.Possess knowledge of enterprise architecture integration, distributed system architecture, and cloud-native application architecture.
10.Experienced in event/incident troubleshooting, root cause analysis, and mitigating production outages, as well as post-mortem and failure story sharing.
11.Familiar with Kubernetes platform architecture and administration.

Preferred Qualifications:

1.Familiar with software engineering and DevOps practices as well as CI / CD pipeline.
2.Familiar with computing, storage, networking, protocols such as TCP/IP, and services like DNS, SLB.
3.Familiar with virtualization technology for server, storage, networking, and network function.
4.Familiar with monitoring and analysis tools, such as Nagios, ELK, Splunk, and Grafana.
5.AI related experience is a plus.
6.Familiar with source code version control tools like Git, Gitlab, Github, etc.

Personal Attributes:

Highly motivated, critical thinking, and team player