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TSMC is seeking a highly skilled, full-time, HR Project Administrator for Strate gic and Transformation to enhance the layout and graphics for HR transformation communication material, change management communication, also our employee-facing communication materials, professional development materials, and booklets for manager implementing the transformation. The right person for this role will be highly skilled in graphic design. Ideal candidates would have experience in the mass communication sector, particularly in designing the layout and graphics for employee handouts and materials. This is a project-oriented with an anticipated project time frame of 12 months. 

Key Responsibilities: 

1. You will work alongside our team members and build experience on projects like content creation for communication campaigns/video clips, presentation materials and website designs. 
2. You will receive guidance and feedback along the way and have various opportunities to contribute during brainstorbrainstorming discussions.

1. Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design (or equivalent experience and education) - Working knowledge of graphic designing software in a Windows environment. 

2. High proficiency in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Window (PowerPoint, word, excel) - Keen eye for color, trend, detail, and construction. 
3. Able to multitask and prioritize based on business objectives. 
4. Must be detail oriented, computer literate and able to handle multiple tasks at once. 
5. Proficient in English writing and speaking. 
6. Good personality, easy to communicate/engage with people and good interpersonal skills. 
7. Good in Resilience, good flexibility.

Monthly salary range: from NT 32,700