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TSMC's advanced packaging process is an efficient and high-density packaging technology that mainly targets the demand for high-performance semiconductor components, including microprocessors, graphics processors, artificial intelligence chips, etc. 

This technology uses advanced 3D stacking technology to vertically stack multiple chips and uses high-density packaging materials to fix them together. This technology can improve the performance of components, reduce power consumption, reduce package size, and increase system integration. 

TSMC's packaging process includes various technologies such as CoWoS, InFO. Among them, CoWoS is a technology that connects different chips through copper wires through silicon interconnect technology to achieve high-frequency and high-speed data transmission. InFO technology directly encapsulates chips on the substrate, connecting chips and substrates through tiny copper wires, achieving a more compact and efficient packaging solution. 

TSMC's advanced packaging process can improve chip performance and production efficiency, and meet the packaging technology requirements of modern high-performance electronic products, such as smartphones, artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, and other fields.

TSMC's advanced packaging organization include Testing R&D Engineer conduct exploratory research in DFT test architecture, evaluate next-gen test technology of several device( logic SOC, HPC, AP, RF, etc.),which used 3D silicon stacking and advanced packaging technologies and closely teamwork with international customer from new product introduction to mass production.
1. Bachelor's degree or above in Electrical/Electronic engineering, Computer engineering, Communication, Optical electronics or related fields.
2. Solid technical understanding of semiconductor testing concept.
3. Familiar with programming language.
4. Hands-on participation and a strong sense of ownership.
5. Fluent in English and exhibit good communication skills to work within cross-functional teams.