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R&D Engineers will be part of a grand joint-force working on advanced technologies, including but not limited to exploratory research in advanced device architecture, market-oriented design IP enablement, device and process integration for manufacturability, package-level interconnect solutions, and novel material/equipment/process evaluations.


1. Research & Pathfinding

(1) New material and new process pathfinding to enable new device architecture with integration

(2) New tool pathfinding for new materials to enable the next nodes

(3) Design, execute and analyze experiments to meet R&D engineering specifications

(4) Process stability & manufacturability improvement for yield and reliability qualification

(5) Process/tool transfer to development R&D or volume manufacturing (Fab)

(6) Highly motivated individuals with a strong technical background and teamwork skills

2. Integration

(1) Technology definition: design rules, design-technology co-optimization, logic/memory IP evaluations, etc.

(2) Technology development infrastructure: productivity enhancement, product inspection methodology, mask-making, and test flow, etc.

(3) New test vehicle establishment and validation: improvement of device yield and reliability (learning cycles). Improve yield and reduce defects by quantifying defect attributes using programming skills and developing effective detection methodologies.

(4) Customer design enablement: SPICE Modeling and IP qualifications.


3. Module

(1) Develop advanced processes, materials, tools, models, and computational methodologies for leading edge technologies.

(2) Deliver manufacturable, stable, cost-effective technologies with device performance improvement for yield and reliability qualification.

(3) Transfer process and tool to high volume manufacturing fab.

4. R&D Process Center 

(1) PE: Advanced module process development and baseline sustaining.

(2) EE: Handle advanced equipment at R&D stage. Install, warm up, sustain and troubleshooting solve with new technology equipment. 

(3) MFG: Oversee the daily operations of IC foundry to ensure that all profiling operations, workflow, and customer reports are consistent with agreed upon service operations. 


1. Passionate about the development of world-leading technologies.

2. Master's degree or above in an engineering or scientific field such as Materials Science Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry or Optics.

3. Solid technical understanding of IC processing equipment, integrated flow, chemistry, and physics.

4. Exhibit good and open communication skills and be able to work within cross-functional teams, including internal and external partners.

5. Fluent in English.

6. Skills in AI and programming are preferred.

7. Strong knowledge of Statistical Process Control (SPC) and/or Design of Experiments (DOE) principles. Having knowledge of machine learning or artificial intelligence is an added advantage.

8. Flexibility in changing priorities and responsibilities to support business needs.

9. Hands-on participation on process or hardware and a strong sense of ownership.

10. Willing to make frequent fab presence.

11. Strong technical problem-solving and analytical skills, based upon fundamental, rather than empirical models is required.

12. Excellent written and spoken communication skills are required.