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As a global semiconductor technology leader, TSMC is seeking an Intelligent Manufacturing Engineer to join our team. Our commitment to driving manufacturing excellence has led us to integrate artificial intelligence, machine learning, expert systems, and advanced algorithms to build up an intelligent manufacturing environment. 

Join TSMC, we are the most advanced technology team and connect with the world, as we head towards an unlimited future. We look forward to you joining us! You will be assigned to one of the following five roles according to your interest, experiences, and technical background.

1.【MFG Intelligent Manufacturing Engineer】

As an Intelligent Manufacturing Engineer, you will be responsible for the development and maintenance of these intelligent manufacturing systems, which are widely used for scheduling and dispatching, employee productivity, equipment productivity, process and equipment control, quality defense, and robotic control. By optimizing quality, productivity, efficiency, and flexibility, you will play a crucial role in driving the success of our manufacturing operations. 

(1) Smart manufacturing engineers will learn leading artificial intelligence manufacturing technologies worldwide.

(2) Big data analysis, improving production efficiency: Through data analysis, identify bottleneck machines and improve machine production efficiency. Breakthrough analysis and dispatching project system, optimize production resources and maximize manufacturing efficiency.

(3) Machine learning, creating unlimited possibilities: Utilize cutting-edge machine learning technology to improve the production process and create innovative applications that achieve optimal scheduling and maximize wafer production capacity.

2.【CIM Intelligent Manufacturing Engineer】

(1) Software Developers: 

Design and develop intelligent manufacturing solutions for factory automation, manufacturing scheduling and dispatching, decision making and engineering analysis.

(2) Dispatching Algorithm Developers: 

Heterogeneous data integration and corresponding solution design and development.

(3) Quality Management Engineer: 

Server maintenance and related setting support including routine upgrades, troubleshooting with AP teams, high-availability architecture, virtual machines solutions, firewall rule, IIS, Nginx, database middle etc.

3.【Data Analyst & Data Scientist】

(1) Application of statistics, machine learning, data mining, pattern recognition and other data analysis by AI techniques 

(2) Your main responsibility will be to collect, explore, and extract insights from very large scale structured and unstructured data and explain these insights with the help of data visualization tools to support fab operations.

4.【WAT (Wafer Acceptance Test) Engineer】

(1) New WAT tool data matching and release.

(2) WAT quality/manufacturing efficiency improvement.

(3) WAT tool, recipe, and system management.

(4) WAT productivity and quality improvement.

(5) WAT tool and systematic issue troubleshooting. 

5.【Quality Management Engineer】

(1) Manage audit, defense, and quality systems.

(2) To perform data analysis and simulation.


General Requirements:

1. Self-motivated, integrity and result-oriented personality.

2. Great communication skills.

3. Ability to speak and write in English is a plus.

4. Bachelor's degree or above in Engineering or related fields.

5. Obtaining certification from TSMC Semiconductor Intelligent Manufacturing Program is an advantage , please refer to the Link:

1.【MFG Intelligent Manufacturing Engineer】

(1) Teamwork, and text expression ability. 

(2) Basic programming languages (such as C++, SQL, etc.).

2.【CIM Intelligent Manufacturing Engineer】

(1) Bachelor's degree or above in Computer Science, Information Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Statistics, Mathematics or related fields.

(2) Familiarity in programming languages (C/C++/C#, Java, HTML5, SQL, VBA).

(3) Experience and skill in optimization, scheduling and A.I. is a plus.

(4) Experience and skill in system infrastructure architecture is a plus (e.g. VMWare, Linux/MS solution, Nginx, K8S/Docker etc.).

3.【Data Analyst & Data Scientist】

(1) Master's degree or above in Computer Science, Information Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Statistics, Mathematics or related fields.

(2) Experience with analytics packages and program development using Python, R, SAS, Matlab, C/C++/C# and Java etc.

(3) Strong background in data analytics (applied statistics, operation research, data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence) and big data technologies.

4.【WAT (Wafer Acceptance Test) Engineer】

(1) Master's degree in Science, Electrical Engineering or related fields.

(2) Familiarity with Unix/C++/VBA, device physics and tool release procedure is preferred.

5.【Quality Management Engineer】

(1) Familiarity with semiconductor manufacturing and data analysis.

(2) Experience in 300mm Fab module operation is preferred. 

(3) Conduct data analysis using Excel VBA and R.

(4) Ability to programming is preferred.