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Job Category
Finance / Accounting
Job Type
Employment Type
May 20, 2024
Job Responsibilities
1. Manage company's treasury cash and construct the overall asset allocation strategy.
2. Manage asset managers and mandate portfolios. Closely work with external managers to build investment portfolios, maintain constant dialog, monitor portfolio performance, and make necessary rebalance based on the market conditions.
3. Identify fixed income investment opportunities that align with company's return/risk profile and provide recommendations to senior management.
4. Conduct thorough research and analysis of global economy and fixed income securities. Develop interest rate view and implement it into company's investment strategy. 
5. Work with risk management/accounting/legal/internal audit to ensure all practices complies with relevant policies, regulation, and accounting treatment.
Job Qualifications
1. 5-10 years of experience in fixed income investment or research.
2. BA degree in finance/investment related field, MBA preferred.
3. Proficiency in financial modeling, financial analysis, and accounting.
4. Strong quantitative skills are a plus.
5. Team oriented with good presentation and communication skills.
6. Fluent in English.