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Job Category
Materials Mgt. & Risk Mgt.
Job Type
Engineer / Admin
Employment Type
Aug 03, 2023
Job Responsibilities
Material Buyer
Job Responsibility:
1. Manage suppliers' relationships and their Quality, Cost, Delivery, Service and Sustainability toward reliable and cost effective supply chain.
2. Develop procurement strategies and enhance/execute collaborations with suppliers and TSMC's RD/Operations.
3. Lead projects related to TSMC’s supply chain excellence.
Job Responsibility:
1. Demand forecast and supply planning to ensure requirements fulfilled.
2. Supplier management to ensure reliable delivery and replenishment.
3. Usage and qualification management to ensure efficient supply chain operation.
4. Lead/coordinate cross functional enhancement project(s) for supply chain excellence.
Job Qualifications
1. Master degree major in engineering/business related fields.
2. Good business sense and logical thinking.
3. Good communication and project coordination skills.
4. Fluent in English, with experience in related field.