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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited, TSMC
Job Category
Corporate Planning
Job Type
Engineer / Admin
Employment Type
Jun 13, 2023
Job Responsibilities
1. Analyze business & user needs and develop business rules & system functional requirements to enable end-to-end pricing system solution.
2. Support the rollout and implementation of pricing initiatives, including business process and system solutions to facilitate adoption and compliance.
3. Work with relevant parties to identify improvement opportunities to boost the productivity and efficiency of pricing activities.
4. Others: Support data analysis for pricing decision making; coordinate CSA activities, etc.
Job Qualifications
1. Bachelor’ s or Master’s degree majoring in IT related fields with coding capabilities.
2. Familiar with technology process, product data management system, data analysis, etc.
3. Problem-solving skills, project management experience ability and experience.
4. Self-initiated, good teamwork and communication skills.
5. Fluent in English writing and speaking with a TOEIC score of 700 or above.