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Job Category
Information Technology
Job Type
Engineer / Admin
Employment Type
Aug 03, 2023
Job Responsibilities

Building world-class cloud native infrastructure and ramping to high-volume production is key to enabling TSMC to scale worldwide. We are looking for a highly motivated engineer to join our global systems development team to support TSMC fabrication worldwide. The ideal candidate is highly technical with multi-discipline engineering skillset, that can push the limits of complex system design at large scale. 

1. Develop state-of-the-art applications
2. Continue to refactor existing applications
3. Write and pass various kinds of tests (unit/feature/integration) to ensure software quality
4. Apply software design principles, such as 12-factor app, to ensure software quality
5. Ensure sustainability and performance of applications by working with SRE to define SLI/SLO and providing metrics for monitoring/alerting
6. Collaborate with peers in design, pair programming and code reviews
7. Willing to learn new IT technology
Job Qualifications
1. BS degree or above in Computer Science, Information engineering, Industry Engineering, Statistics or Mathematic related fields, similar technical field of study, or equivalent practical experience
2. Experience in TypeScript/JavaScript, Kotlin, Java, F#, C#, Python, Rust or other relevant programming languages
3. Good at algorithms and data structures
4. Good communication and interpersonal skills with proactive problem-solving capability
5. Experience with managing container-based workloads, using Kubernetes or other orchestration software is a plus
6. Familiar with Functional Programming, Object-oriented programming or other programming paradigms is a plus
7. AI or related experience is a plus
8. Familiar with source code version control tools or services like Git, GitLab, GitHub, etc.

Personal Attributes:

Highly motivated, critical thinking, and team player