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Job Type
Engineer / Admin
Employment Type
Feb 05, 2024
Job Responsibilities

1. Leading edge product development. Learn the most advanced technology semiconductor manufacturing, identify effective process solution for yield and chip performance improvement.

2. Involving cross-team work for joining developed project. Coordinate with customer / Fab / different support team closely to address improvement opportunities and work-out the solution.

3. Expanding wider vision with learning device engineering, manufacturing process, yield / WAT analysis, design rule, wafer CP test knowledge, by using comprehensive analysis skills to solve product issue.

4. Developing HV, embedded memory, RF, MEMS, and CIS products falls under the category of "More than Moore". In this role, you will collaborate with R&D and customers to develop new applications using mature Si process technology.

Job Qualifications

1. Master's degree or above in Electrical Engineering, Physics, Material and Photonics

2. Familiar with semiconductor devices / manufacturing, Electronics, and circuit design

3. Willing to learn new knowledge, good self-learning attitude, enjoy challenge

4. Good communication skills, be able to work with cross-functional teams & customers

5. Fluent in English