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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited, TSMC
Job Category
IC Interconnect & Packaging Technology
Job Type
Engineer / Admin
Employment Type
Mar 04, 2024

Features of Advanced Packaging Operation Division(APOD):

1. Most advanced packaging technology in the world: With the rise of AI, advanced packaging technology has become an indispensable part of the industry. Advanced packaging technology can effectively enhance chip performance and power consumption ratio, while achieving smaller size and higher reliability. TSMC has been deeply investing in advanced packaging technology for many years, including CoWoS and InFO: 

(1) CoWoS: TSMC is a pioneer in CoWoS, which can stack multiple chips together to form a high-density, high-performance chip system. This technology can not only significantly improve chip operating speed and power efficiency, but also reducing chip size, system volume, and cost. It has been successfully applied to various products, including high-performance processors and high-speed communication chips. 

(2) InFO: Using lead-free solder points instead of the traditional method of packaging chips, TSMC's InFO can reduce chip size and weight, and improve the connection speed as well as power efficiency between chips. It has been successfully applied in mobile devices.

2. Industry leading automation equipment: TSMC uses intelligent manufacturing to optimize the production efficiency of the fab. The five-in-one intelligent automatic material handling system built into the factory has a total length of more than 32 kilometers. From wafer to die, production information is connected with agile dispatching systems to shorten the production cycle. These systems are combined with artificial intelligence to simultaneously execute precise process control, detect abnormalities in real time, and establish a robust die-level big data quality defense network and a complete production history for each die is constructed through die traceability. In addition, to achieve smart manufacturing, TSMC actively cooperates with equipment suppliers to develop professional packaging machines. 

3. Find TSMC career opportunities everywhere in Taiwan: In response to the demand for advanced packaging driven by AI chips, TSMC has established advanced packaging fabs in northern, central, and southern Taiwan. With a wide range of product line and choices, you can explore your career path in different locations in Taiwan. 

4. Drive Positive Change: Environmental protection and energy conservation are important issues in modern society. Especially packaging materials play a crucial role in electronic products. Thus, TSMC is committed to using non-toxic and harmless advanced packaging materials to reduce environmental pollution and the impact on human health. Apart from this, we also use energy-saving and power-saving devices as our associated equipment for packaging to reduce energy consumption and cost.

Job Responsibilities

1. New tools evaluation & new technologies development.

2. Develop processes for cost down & productivity improvement. 

3. Process for database preparation efficiency improvement.

4. Process maintenance & trouble shooting. 

5. Yield improvement & quality control (Yield, SPC, Defect, etc.)

Job Qualifications

1. Bachelor degree or above. Major in Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical and Automation Engineering related fields.

2. No experience required, but having experience with process/equipment maintenance or improvement is a plus.

3. Basic knowledge of mechanics and semiconductor processes is a plus.

4. Strong problem-solving skills, communication ability, team spirit, active learning attitude, and adequate proficiency in English.

5. Location:Miaoli (AP6B)