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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited, TSMC
Job Category
Human Resources
Job Type
Engineer / Admin
Employment Type
Jan 08, 2024
Job Responsibilities

1. Support Talent Acquisition Division to enhance Employer Branding of TSMC & subsidiaries and accelerate global recruitment progress through HR Marketing plan design and execution. 

2. Work with cross-functional counterparts to develop and execute HR Marketing activities to generate talent pipeline to fulfill the demand from TSMC & subsidiaries. 

3. Conduct the personal of different target audiences to create and develop persuasive content fit in each journey stages. 

4. Cooperate with agencies to deliver result-driven campaigns (online/ offline) and manage the performance and efficiency. 

5. Data-driven: Fully leverage recruitment and marketing data (coverage, traffic, conversion rate, etc.) to shape the strategies.

Job Qualifications

1. BA/BS degree preferred.

2. Language Requirement: 

(1) German- Fluent

(2) Chinese- Fluent

(3) English- Fluent

3. Minimum of 5 years and above of relevant experience (Marketing Campaign Execution Experience in EU preferred). 

4. Experience in brand comms, performance/ content/channel marketing. 

5. Familiar with digital campaign, SEO/SEM, and result management, with an ability to use analytics to make data-driven decisions.

6. Good communicator to work with cross-functional team, cooperate with different job functions partners. 

7. Have strong coordination and management skills to handle complex projects.

8. Knowledge of the semiconductor industries.