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Job Category
Job Type
Engineer / Admin
Employment Type
Nov 20, 2023
Job Responsibilities
1. Develop scientific computing software for multi-physics simulations and explore applications in semiconductor technology.
2. Engage with cross-function teams for process development to meet the target product requirements.

Job Qualifications
1. Master’s degree or above with industry experience preferred.
2. Proficiency in C/C++ programming and Python scripting languages is required.
3. Basic knowledge of numerical algorithms (e.g. solving partial differential equations, PDEs) is required.
4. Knowledge of computational geometry, high performance computing (e.g. MPI, OMP, CUDA) is preferred.
5. Knowledge in one of more of following areas: solid mechanics, fluid dynamics, semiconductor process and fabrication is preferred.
6. Aware of software development cycles and planning. Capable of prioritizing projects based on their urgency.
7. Collaborative and innovative, proactively explore new ideas and adapt quickly to change.
8. Good English written and verbal communication skills.