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Job Category
Manufacturing (fabs)
Job Type
Engineer / Admin
Employment Type
Aug 03, 2023
Job Responsibilities
Job content:
1. A highly motivated individual with a strong technical background and capabilities to develop and sustain process technologies for flash memory and logic products.
2. Work with a team, which may include device, integration, yield, lithography, etch and thin films departments or external suppliers, to drive leading-edge integrated module development, control, and improvements.
3. Responsible for sustaining ownership, such as day-to-day operations, equipment troubleshooting, and mentoring technicians.
Job Qualifications
1. Master’s degree or above in an engineering and scientific field, such as Materials Science, Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, or Optics.
2. Solid technical understanding of IC processing equipment, integrated flow, chemistry, and physics.
3. Exhibit good and open communication skills, be able to work within cross-functional teams, including internal and external partners.
4. Strong knowledge of Statistical Process Control (SPC) and/or Design of Experiments (DOE) principles.
5. Flexibility in changing priorities and responsibilities to support business needs.
6. Hands-on participation and a strong sense of ownership.
7. Willingness to make frequent fab presence.
8. You will start your employment at Central Taiwan Science Park for about six to twelve months before you transfer back to Kaohsiung Fab.