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Job Category
Testing Development and Technology
Job Type
Engineer / Admin
Employment Type
Aug 03, 2023
Job Responsibilities
1. Be responsible for test interface development of logic SOC device, mixed-signal, RF-mmWave.
2. Customer service & communication.
3. New testing HW technologies development.
4. Electrical/Mechanical simulation analysis & PI/SI improvement.
5. Support NPI new HW qualification.
6. Board level design and debug.
Job Qualifications
Required Qualifications
1. Bachelor's degree or above in Electrical/Electronic engineering.
2. Experience in power management or High speed/RF circuit design including schematic/layout/testing will be a plus.
3. Familiar with Layout tool Allegro/Orcad.
4. Familiar with measurement equipments and simulation tools (HFSS, SIWave, Designer).
5. Fluent in English, both speaking, listening and writing.
6. Proactive and positive working attitude, w/ integrity.
7. Basic understanding of electronic circuits/field.

Preferred Qualifications

1.Basic knowledge in electromagnetic and background on transmission line theory.
2.Basic knowledge in mechanical field.