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Aug 03, 2023
Job Responsibilities
1. Work with technical and legal team to develop favor positions on legal disputes.
2. Do IP assessment and technology analysis for patent acquisition.
3. Provide report on technology valuation and competitor analysis.
4. Coach inventors to understand the technology cycle and generate valuable intangible assets timely.
5. Draft patent application and related patent prosecution.
Job Qualifications
1. Degree/ Major: Master or above in Materials Science, Physics, Chemistry, Electrical/Electronic Engineering
2. Working experiences on Product Development, Process Integration or Circuit/Library/System design.
3. Industry Working Experience Requirement: The candidate must have working experiences on semiconductor process integration and development over 5 years, including at least 1 year on circuit/system designs.
4. Patent Prosecution Experience: The candidate should have at least 2 year in patent drafting with prosecution experiences.
5. Language: Proficiency in English
6. Others: project management with interpersonal soft skills; understand the supply chain of semiconductor industry