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Job Category
Human Resources
Job Type
Employment Type
Aug 03, 2023
Job Responsibilities
1. Lead the team of 5 to establish OD mechanism.
2. Design and facilitate appropriate interventions to address and respond to organization development and talent development issues.
3. Enrich TSMC OD Knowledge Management by integrating practical experiences and theoretical frameworks. Play the role of a strategic partner or change agent to put HR profession into full play by improving organizational efficiency and talent development.
Job Qualifications
1. 15 years or above of HR related experiences.
2. Master’s Degree. Business management, human resources or related fields are preferred.
3. Performance consulting, organizational diagnosis, instructional design, talent development, and change management.
4. Strong leadership skills.
5. Good engagement and communication skills.
6. Open-minded and highly agile.
7. Perseverance and high EQ.