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Job Category
Testing Development and Technology
Job Type
Engineer / Admin
Employment Type
Aug 03, 2023
Job Responsibilities
1. Overseeing the daily operations of Testing line to ensure that all profiling operations, work flow, and output are consistent with agreed upon service operations, Quality and Delivery are especially.
2. Through mechanism optimiztion and tool automation to improve productivity in effective and efficient way to meets the organization objectives.
3. Assisting with scheduling projects to be completed, running projects upon compound receipt, analyzing data using database systems/tools built and updating tracking programs to keep operating smoothly. Schedule work plans in order to meet customer and business expectations.
4. Responding quickly to change priorities and handle multiple projects with potentially overlapping deadlines.
5. Managing Direct Labors (DL) and building a team spirit through involvement and forum based communications.
6. Contributing ideas and suggestions to improve standard techniques, protocols and processes.
7. Interacting with different functions like PE, PIE and EQ to ensure robotic workstations, detection instruments, and database/informatics tools are built to meet the demands on the service.
8. May be required to perform other related duties as required and/or assigned.
9.Work place: Longtan/Zhunan/Hsinchu/ Taichung.
Job Qualifications
1. MS or BS degree and above majoring in Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing, Production Engineering, Industrial Management, Information System, Mechanical and Automation Engineering or related field.
2. Strong experience in semiconductor manufacturing experience is highly preferred.
3. Demonstrated knowledge of OM, IE, IT or related field is required.
4. Having the semiconductor processes knowledge is preferred.
5. Adequate in English and Mandarin.
6. Must be an enthusiastic and dedicated individual with the capability to motivate and lead using a team approach.
7. For short term training and mission requirement, shift arrangement is required.