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Job Category
Information Technology
Job Type
Engineer / Admin
Employment Type
Jun 03, 2024
Job Responsibilities
We are seeking a highly motivated and experienced MIS engineer to join our team.

Key responsibilities:

1. Lead DTP Software platform development through cross-division collaboration with business team, engineering team, and project managers to deploy differentiated design solutions for customer enablement.
2. Manage RD/DTP's web portal, web applications, web servers and Oracle database servers with a large number of requirements to support users and develop solution.
3. Drive RD/DTP's web portal and application development and deployment, including application analysis, implementation, enhancement, testing, debugging, problem solving, users training all the way to operational closure.
4. The ability to evaluate and implement cloud-based solutions for web applications, while leveraging knowledge of cloud architecture and Docker containerization to optimize performance and scalability, is considered an advantage.
Job Qualifications
1. Strong knowledge and experience in Web application development, Unix/Linux and Oracle database management.
2. Capabilities of programming in Javascript/Perl/Python/SQL/shell script with Object Oriented Concept, and managing software project development.
3. Strength in initiating, organizing and driving cross department collaboration, excellent interpersonal skills, and fluent in Mandarin and English.
4. Self-starter, fast learner, able to work independently, navigate ambiguity, collaborate with multiple departments, and establish development framework with users to drive results.
5. Over 3+ years of web design experience, software platform development, and software project management.
6. Bachelor's degree or above in CE (Computer Engineering), CS (Computer Science) or other related fields.