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Job Category
Finance / Accounting
Job Type
Engineer / Admin
Employment Type
Mar 21, 2023
Job Responsibilities
The Strategic Investment Management Division is responsible for TSMC's long-term and strategic investment in support of TSMC's core foundry business. The role requires sophisticated modeling skills and interactions with management of TSMC's subsidiaries, invested entities and various HQ functions. The successful candidate must demonstrate attention to detail, apply good judgment to form well-thought-out recommendations, work effectively in a team environment and perform certain routine administrative and other ad hoc tasks to support management decisions.
Job Qualifications
1. MBA Graduate with excellent English and a solid finance background
2. Minimum 5-year related experiences in banking or corporate finance
3. A problem solver with proactive attitude; critical/comprehensive thinking, solid verbal/written communication, interpersonal, and negotiation skills
4. High EQ and ability to deal with constructive confrontation
5. Skilled in Microsoft Office software, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint