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Job Category
IC Interconnect & Packaging Technology
Job Type
Engineer / Admin
Employment Type
Jan 31, 2024

The features of Advanced Packaging Operations Division (APOD) 

TSMC's advanced packaging process is an efficient and high-density packaging technology that mainly targets the demand for high-performance semiconductor components, including microprocessors, graphics processors, artificial intelligence chips, etc. 

This technology uses advanced 3D stacking technology to vertically stack multiple chips and uses high-density packaging materials to fix them together. This technology can improve the performance of components, reduce power consumption, reduce package size, and increase system integration. 

TSMC's packaging process includes various technologies such as CoWoS, InFO. Among them, CoWoS is a technology that connects different chips through copper wires through silicon interconnect technology to achieve high-frequency and high-speed data transmission. InFO technology directly encapsulates chips on the substrate, connecting chips and substrates through tiny copper wires, achieving a more compact and efficient packaging solution. 

TSMC's advanced packaging process can improve chip performance and production efficiency, and meet the packaging technology requirements of modern high-performance electronic products, such as smartphones, artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, and other fields.

The main features of TSMC's Advanced Packaging Organization include:

1) Leading industry technology  

2) Large production scale (Include Longtan / Hsinchu / Taichung / Tainan) 

3) High quality products 

4) Environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

5) Development with a focus on ESG

Job Responsibilities

1. New tools evaluation & new technologies development.

2. Develop processes for cost down & productivity improvement. 

3. Process for database preparation efficiency improvement.

4. Process maintenance & trouble shooting. 

5. Yield improvement & quality control (Yield, SPC, Defect, etc.)

Job Qualifications

1. Bachelor degree or above. Major in Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical and Automation Engineering related fields.

2. No experience required, but having experience with process/equipment maintenance or improvement is a plus.

3. Basic knowledge of mechanics and semiconductor processes is a plus.

4. Strong problem-solving skills, communication ability, team spirit, active learning attitude, and adequate proficiency in English.

5. Location:Miaoli (AP6B)