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Sep 28, 2023
The role is responsible for establishing the CD (Critical Dimension) metrology system for mask making.
Job Responsibilities
1. Define and lead vendors to develop functions for next-generation mask CDSEM.
2. Develop in-house CDSEM contour metrology for mask quality control.
3. Develop actinic metrology tool to monitor multilayer reflectivity, absorber n/k values of EUV masks, and wafer-level CD.
4. Develop the automation of metrology job preparation and data reports.
Job Qualifications
1. Master's Degree or above in EE, CS, physics or related fields.
2. At least 3 years of hardware experiences in semiconductor metrology tools.
3. Proficiency in programming for signal and image processing.
4. Good project management, communications, organized thinking, leadership and interpersonal skills.
5. Proactive and positive attitude to deal with workplace challenges.