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Job Type
Engineer / Admin
Employment Type
Feb 05, 2024
Job Responsibilities

【Finance Associate】

The candidate will be positioned and rotate among different functions within Finance Division, including Financial Planning, Investment Management, Foreign Exchange Management, Funding and Cashier, Treasury Investment, Customer Credit, and SEC Compliance.


【Accounting Associate】

1. Provides financial information to management by researching and analyzing accounting data; preparing reports.

2. Rotate within Accounting: Reporting & Analysis Dept., Account service Dept.(Operations, R&D and SG&A), General Accounting Dept., Forecast and Planning Dept.

Job Qualifications

【Finance Associate】

1. MBA Graduate with excellent English.

2. 3-year experiences in banking or corporate finance will be a plus.

3. Excellent interpersonal, negotiation, and troubleshooting skill.

4. High EQ; capable of dealing with constructive confrontation.

5. Self-motivated and team player.

6. Skilled in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.


【Accounting Associate】

1. Bachelor's degree or above.

2. Major in Accounting or related field.

3. Working experiences in well-known international Accounting firms will be a plus.

4. CPA license will be a plus.

5. Engineering and computer science majors will be a plus.